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Hannes Moolman
Date: Jul 26, 2010

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The Three Reasons Why Businesses

Fail With Their Websites



There are very few businesses that today do not have a website. Most businesses have had the calls promising top rankings and new leads for your business.

In most cases this turns into a nightmare rather than a highlight and profit booster for your business.

This is the time when you wish that the contract period that you signed up for will just please go away so you can use the money to good effect…


Increasing your client base and revenues.


And this leads you to the conclusion: websites simply do not work in your industry

Strangely, and you probably know them, some of your competitors are making money hand over fist from…

Yes, their websites and on top of it they have increased their profits during the recession.

So why did this not happen to YOU?

Here are the top three reasons… every time.

It’s tough getting noticed on the web, even though a web page provides useful information about your product or service it still attracts very few visitors. One of the most reliable ways to improve long term consistent traffic is to achieve high rankings in the Search Engine Return Pages, for short SERP’s.

Problem ONE:

Your website is not designed to perform its primary duty… capture leads

Let’s have a closer look at your site…

Your website is set up in more or less 5 headings being:

  • Home

  • Products/Services

  • Gallery

  • About Us

  • Contact Us

When a visitor gets to your website the presumption is that they land on the home page and then browse your site. Once they have eventually found what they are looking for they click, or try to find, the “contact us” page and you have a lead.

Your expectation is that by just placing your product or service on the right page, and maybe an image going along with it that it will create enough interest for the visitor to contact you.

Statistics prove that people searching using a search engine are looking for some specific information. Their search is based on the word or words that they type into the search box.

They will click on the link that they believe will give them the answer to their question or solve their problem.

Once on your page it takes no more than 10 measly seconds for the visitor to decide if the information that they are looking for is on your page or not.

If not, they click the back button to the search results and choose your competition.

There are billions of websites and every one of your competitors has one. The one that is able to get the visitor interested in the first ten seconds will win. (He with superior forces at the point of contact will win – The Art of War) This is one of the main reasons most business websites fail dismally in capturing interested visitors and turning them into sales.

You have to give the visitor what they are looking for within the first 10 seconds or lose a client that will be worth thousands to your business.

Problem Two:

Your website not set up to rank in the search engines

Most websites look more like brochures. We are in the information age and people searching are looking for information. You need to provide them with good quality information that will educate them regarding your product or service.

Once you follow the educational route for your product or service the information you provide will automatically have the right keywords in place that:

One: Provides the person searching with what she is looking for

Two: Delivers the quality content that the search engines are looking for making your site a good choice for a page one ranking

This is why Google has become the most widely used search engine in the world, when you do a search you are given results that are directly related to your search.

Problem Three:

The information is not for the prospective client but rather an image booster for the business

The person, 99.9% of the time, when doing a search for a product or service does not sit with their credit card in the one hand just waiting for someone to please show them what they can buy right now. They are looking for information regarding a service or product and need this information so that they feel they are able to make a qualified decision.

They did not walk into your store ready to buy.

They did not land on your website to read about how glorious and wonderful you are and that your business has been around since 1435 BC.

At this point in time this is useless information to them. Now you might say “But I am getting requests from my website” and yes you are…

Now imagine… you quadruple the amount of leads just by providing the right information.

Point is if you give your visitors the information they are seeking you are much more likely to get an enquiry.

The 5 Ways To Make Your Website Profitable

Right Now And In The Future.

1. How to prepare your website to be in line with what the search engines want

The very first step in the process is to determine what are the exact terms that people are using to look for your service or products. In some cases this is very easy, if you offer geysers it is very easy to find out what the search terms are being used. However in many other industries that might seem obvious this is not always the case, especially when it comes to technical issues. Like yourself there are items that you do not purchase frequently and in many cases you would be looking to solve a specific problem rather than looking for the product that solves the problem.

You need to find out exactly which problems your product or service solves and those would be the right keywords to use first and then focus on your product or service.

Do a simple test and put yourself in your client’s shoes with little or no knowledge of your product or service.

What do they want to get out of it?

Next put yourself in the salesman’s shoes, taking the previous answer imagine this person is sitting next to you in a coffee shop or bar and you overheard the question. How would you explain step by step to him defining his problem, identifying the cause of the problem and educate him on the correct way in which to solve the problem. (Which is of course your product or service)

With these few simple ideas you can now see how easy it really is to give your visitor exactly what they are looking for.


2. How to make sure you have the ability to capture every possible lead.

Making sure you are able to capture every possible lead has everything to do with a call to action. A call to action simply means telling the visitor what to do next to get more information.

This is easily achieved in two ways:

One: Make sure you contact number is visibly and prominently seen on every single page of your website so it will be very easy for the visitor to call you without having to figure out where you have placed the details.

Two: Have a form that the visitor can fill out and send to you on every single page of your site, make sure it is easy to complete, takes up very little of their time and asks clearly what it is that you need.

Most importantly ask them to do it! Don’t leave this up to chance.

3. The value of FAQ on your website

Never underestimate the value of placing frequently asked questions directly in context with the page content where it is applicable.

Where to find the questions

They are the questions almost every person that calls asks, have a meeting with your staff and write down each question that is frequently asked and determine in which context the questions are asked. Answer the questions with enough detail to educate the visitor and place the answers on the appropriate pages related to the context.

Don’t forget to have a clear call to action at the end of the page explaining to the visitor what to do next.

4. The use of testimonials on your website and how they should be used.

Your business does good work and you have clients that are very satisfied quality, service and price wise. A good testimonial for a prospective client is worth much more than written pages that you have done yourself about how good your product or service is.

A testimonial is a third party endorsement for your business… provided it is done correctly.

A testimonial saying “You did a great job” means nothing. A testimonial must be like a small story, a few words but a short story and the best stories are before and after stories. The story needs to be on a specific area of your business or service for it to have any substantial impact.

An example of such a testimonial would be:

“We have moved 5 times in the past seven years and the problems like missing items, scratched and broken furniture was at the order of the day. We were really not looking forward to the move. To our surprise the moving company we chose, although a little more expensive, were there dead on time. Our jaws all dropped to the ground as this was very unusual from our previous experiences. They did most of the packing and boy were they efficient. As we knew the big surprise would be when off loading, guess what, not a single piece was broken, the furniture was in exactly the same condition as before the move. This was the most stress free move we have ever had and will from now on always make use of XYZ.

Thanks very much

John and Sue

Midrand Johannesburg”

As you can see from this testimonial that it connects to all the problems that most people experience when moving house. It also gives the prospective client a third person endorsement and will make their choosing this company above any other much more likely as their fears have been put to rest, even at a higher price!

The way in which to get these testimonials for your business is not to rely on the client to come up with the ideas of what to write. First, for every job that you do and the client is happy ASK for a testimonial. Then ask them what you would like them to write and how you would like it to be stated in their own words.

Get the story and put to rest all fears that most clients might have when working with your industry.

The next step is not to hide the testimonials on a separate page, but to weave them into the text of your page. When you make a statement like “We are always on time” the above testimonial would be very well suited to “prove” your claim.

5. Your website needs to rank well in the search engines.

First and foremost the myth that your “website” ranks in untrue. Each of your web pages rank individually although they are part of a whole. People DO NOT come to your home page and then browses your site; it is not a booklet or brochure. They can come from the search engine and land on any one of your pages. It is important to remember that each page needs to function on its own and in relation to the rest of your website. This can become very technical and we will not go into the fine details here.

Your website will only have an effect on your business if there are people that actually find it. Most business websites, no matter how good the intent, just become search engine fodder. Good money spent with no return on investment.

There are four separate ways in which to drive traffic for the search terms of your industry. All four are different and each have their own distinctive advantages and disadvantages.

Natural Search Rankings


Highest volume of traffic of any of the sources.


Takes time to rank highly for the keywords, it is a process done over a long period of time.

Pay Per Click Advertising


Immediate traffic to your site, your advertising will appear within 15 minutes of activating your account.


You pay per click and as more competitors enter the market the cost escalates which has a direct effect on your bottom line and ROI.

Google Maps Results


The ability to rank on page one quicker than natural results.


Will become extremely competitive with the latest Google search results

It only appears in the area where you are physically located.

Is only activated by certain keywords

Video Marketing


Get your message across using visuals and audio, ranking for competitive keywords.


Similar to natural rankings the same ranking process to get page one results are applicable.

The video can be linked to your website although most miss this step. It is done through the description block of the video and with the new advertising that can be displayed on your video when it plays. The ads are charged per click but the money spent is well worth it.

In some cases video can be costly to produce.

As you can see each one works…

To get the best results is a strategic combination of all four.

If this represents your website and you are not getting what your expect fill in the form below with all your details.

We will evaluate your site and call you to make a phone appointment where you and I will discuss the problems you have and what you can do to increase your profits. This 30 minute phone consultation is only done by appointment and is free of charge.

It is your decision, 30 minutes of your time or the alternative…

Losing business which will ensure your profits today and in the future.

Your Call…