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Hannes Moolman
Date: Jul 26, 2010

Thank you Zander, 1021 web design is the best Web Design Company I've dealt with. Your insight and understanding of my business truly shows in your work and has ensured us of launching our product in time and meeting all our deadlines. Thanks again, I am looking forward to a long business relat...

Website Marketing

Website marketing also known as Search engine marketing or search engine optimization is one of the most powerful advertising tools available to your business.
All of us will use Google or some kind of Search Engine to Look for businesses, products or services on the net. Imagine the possibilities if your website appears on the top 2 Google search pages. Wake up, this is the 20th Century! Cost Effective, Targeted and Measurable. Why spend your marketing budget on expensive printed media campaigns?

Our Website marketing company is a Search Engine Optimization Company that offers an up-to-date approach to your internet marketing needs. We have a full range of internet marketing services customised to fit your business.

Website Marketing - Were do we start?

Let's look at your website's Layout and Design

Firstly - Your website has to encaptulate your audience. We focus on three important factors:
Look and Feel  - You need to look the part, perception is the new reality! Clients will navigate away from your website if it's not designed professionally!
Content - Content is King! Copy must be written in a smart, organised, informative and clean fashion.
Navigation Structure (buttons) - Get to relevant information fast. Clients will go to a next website if they cannot get to info quickly!

Website Marketing - Keyphrases

a Keyphrase is a word or sentence that a potential client will type into a search engine to find your business.